Sunday summer dreaming

Hello you all! I have no idea how does summer look in your country but here it's everything photo-worth except sea. That might be the reason why I like to dream a bit more. Truth be told, I really look forward to every moment spent by the sea. Though I'm not one of those girls… Continue reading Sunday summer dreaming

Life and so, Moodboards

Moodboard for last week before Christmas

Do you need some help with getting into the right mood? If you need a bit more than just Christmas songs or films, then I might have something else for you. Photos always help me with anything. Few days before I thought I wounldn't need any help with getting christmassy feelings. Well, uni said no… Continue reading Moodboard for last week before Christmas

Life and so, Moodboards

Tuesday moodboard – because of long evenings!

How do you feel about long Autumn/Winter evenings? Ones love them, ones hate them. Well, I love them. The feeling when you come home, make a tea, take a piece ofΒ cake and read a new book. However, sometimes wanting to be happy isn't enough. Then pictures can help. I went through Β and chose few pictures… Continue reading Tuesday moodboard – because of long evenings!