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Planning a lifetime trip | diary

Every one is different, obviously. For someone would be a lifetime trip to Australia (examples are from my real life friends - Europeans) or America. For someone like me it is this adventure starting basically the day before yesterday. Bet there will be new trips after this becomes true. But it will take time to… Continue reading Planning a lifetime trip | diary

Diary, Life and so

Cold and lots of thoughts about freelancing | diary

My trying to post regularly is a little bit dead. Reason? Job happened. When you start your own business (sounds great, doesn't it) and everything's on your chest, it sometimes can be a bit difficult. You have bills to pay but still spend more time doing marketing instead of working on projects and orders. That's… Continue reading Cold and lots of thoughts about freelancing | diary

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5 tips to make Mondays better

Hello Monday! We've not missed you! No, I'm kidding right now. We all love Mondays and I love them even more since two weeks ago when I decided to publish a post every Monday. From two weeks ago until who knows when. Hopefully a couple of years, right? Whatever. It never can be easy to… Continue reading 5 tips to make Mondays better