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May moodboard

Hello sweethearts!

It’s first of May! My most favourite day during whole spring! May means the real spring came, 1st May is a day off, trees are in bloom so as everything is and I can’t remember when was the last first of May when it rained.

Last week had been tough. I had a really difficult and important test I had to study for – passed, check! And two day after I photographed a wedding. There was no time to relax, so during Sunday we just did almost nothing. Went for a walk just to walk, I had no intention to take any more photos after those hundreds of those from the wedding. But I enjoyed walking through colourful places full of life. And, to be honest, couple of ideas for photoshoots came to my mind.

I actually use moodboards to get inspired for many things, from photoshoots for customers or with models, to my outfits and new articles. Or just to be a bit more optimistic during “darker” days, like the days before an exam.

So let’s get inspired!


All photos can be found on my we♥it, here.

Do you celebrate fist of May?
Which flower is your favourite?

Love, Michaela ♥

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