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How to survive this exam period

Hello there! Are you on this boat with me? Exams are like hell for me, the more when we have about million subjects to finish during just few weeks. To make it clear, I enjoy learning new things, I really like my school and teachers. The thing I dislike is the end of the semester.… Continue reading How to survive this exam period

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Wanderlust – places I need to visit again and again

I love traveling. Who doesn't? And my wanderlust is stronger and stronger with every new photography skill. I know about people who are totally ok with being at home and don't need to discover new places and cultures. And also with those who do want to go abroad. But they stay at a hotel and maybe… Continue reading Wanderlust – places I need to visit again and again

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Lovely navy Spring dress

Hi loves! How's it going? Any news out there? This time I'm here with a few photos of my most favorite dress ever. This shows how one can recycle old fashion. I actually prefer timeless pieces to big temporary trends as those timeless pieces are exactly those you can wear years after buying them. Stripes… Continue reading Lovely navy Spring dress