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Travel diaries. Water skiing for the first time and what you should hear before going for it, too.

Hello loves! Long time no post, right? Hm. School started already and I'm sinking in work as I photographed three weddings just in September. But I'm back with a real post, not only a moodboard. I need moodboards, though. Back to summer! You probably know how keen skier I am. And my boyfriend wanted to… Continue reading Travel diaries. Water skiing for the first time and what you should hear before going for it, too.

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Travel Diaries. Riding camels

One day D's mom decided we had to ride camels. I guess the main reason was that I didn't do it before. Actually, I wasn't so keen on it, but you know how difficult it is to say no to parents, don't you? And she meant it the best way possible. That's why we went… Continue reading Travel Diaries. Riding camels

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Travel diaries. Night in Soho square, Egypt

Hello everybody! My dear D. decided we need to go and relax somewhere with plenty of food and fish to swim with. Still studying, we had to choose something budget friendly, which means in or near Europe. And so he said "it's Egypt". It is quite close to us and because of some things political… Continue reading Travel diaries. Night in Soho square, Egypt

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Barum Rally Zlín

This weekend was pretty awesome. My boyfriend got tickets for this competition that takes its place in Zlín every year. It's quite close to our home, though I've never been there before. Actually, he tries whole summer to make our time a bit more active and adventurous. I wish we only had more time for… Continue reading Barum Rally Zlín

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Moving, graduation and crocodiles

Hello loves! How did it happen that another week is almost at its end? I mean... I was at work, did a project for school, then went to work again, blinked and it's weekend again. No yay after Friday this time as this weekend will be full of work by the pc and with total… Continue reading Moving, graduation and crocodiles