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5 things to do in November

Who likes autumn? And what do you like about it? I bet most of the people around prefer summer and spring. I don't. I love this time of the year when it gets dark earlier, when you can wrap yourself in a blanket or scarf and feel home even outside. And what are those things… Continue reading 5 things to do in November


My autumnal moodboard

Hello guys! Excuse me not being here too much. I'm learning new photography things which are too time consuming. And I love it, I love discovering new corners of photography and photographers lives but as there is too much to find out it takes a lot from my free time. And I work instead of… Continue reading My autumnal moodboard

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Travel Diaries. Riding camels

One day D's mom decided we had to ride camels. I guess the main reason was that I didn't do it before. Actually, I wasn't so keen on it, but you know how difficult it is to say no to parents, don't you? And she meant it the best way possible. That's why we went… Continue reading Travel Diaries. Riding camels

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Weekend diary full of flowers

Hi guys!  Those weeks are way too long. I expected things to get easier after finishing exams but... nothing changer. There is too much work to be finished yet. But to be fair, I get new ideas for posts and so while working on my job stuff, which I am writing down and trying to… Continue reading Weekend diary full of flowers

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Wanderlust – places I need to visit again and again

I love traveling. Who doesn't? And my wanderlust is stronger and stronger with every new photography skill. I know about people who are totally ok with being at home and don't need to discover new places and cultures. And also with those who do want to go abroad. But they stay at a hotel and maybe… Continue reading Wanderlust – places I need to visit again and again

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Winter afternoon outside in Libušino údolí

Hey guys! I just found out I didn't show you anything from this trip. It was a cold but nice day.  It's a beautiful place in Czechia in a tiny village in southern Bohemia. The first intention was to take a few photos of a friend with family. Than, as we had quite a lot… Continue reading Winter afternoon outside in Libušino údolí