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Summer life update

Hello loves! Long time no see, right? That's why I am writting at least this post. I was so happy I finished all my exams soon and thought I'd be able to work on blog and photos and just enjoy all the things I can't squeeze into my school schedule. And guess what happened! I… Continue reading Summer life update


Sunday summer dreaming

Hello you all! I have no idea how does summer look in your country but here it's everything photo-worth except sea. That might be the reason why I like to dream a bit more. Truth be told, I really look forward to every moment spent by the sea. Though I'm not one of those girls… Continue reading Sunday summer dreaming

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Simple but nice summer outfit

Hello sunshines! The summer has finally come. Except it's raining while I'm writing this. Doesn't matter, people need to rest, right? The temperature is nice, though. I mean... You can wear summer clothes but don't sweat anytime you go out from an air-conditioned building. This week we are travelling a bit more than usual, so… Continue reading Simple but nice summer outfit