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Sunday moody dreaming

Happy Sunday guys!

Spring is coming back and the mood all around me changes rapidly. In a good way. I’m still upset with the short Winter (again) and trying to make a video from our Austria trip (it’s not even funny, I have no idea what to do with it!) but now, this sunny Sunday is the right day for a spring moodboard for all of us.

Which season is your favourite? And why? Let me know! ♥

All the photos are from we heart it and can be found in my collection moodboard.

Love, Michaela


11 thoughts on “Sunday moody dreaming”

  1. I love all four seasons, but I think Spring would come in at #1 because I love to see the freshness of it…everything coming back to life. #2 Would be the fall season, because it’s so beautiful and vibrant with the autumn colors, and that’s also the season I got married…it was great for taking wedding photos. #3 Summer …pleasant and not too hot. #4 Winter…even though I’ve put winter at #4 I have grown to like winter and birds that it brings to our area…..


    1. Spring is lovely indeed. I’m a bit sorry that it looks more like Summer this year in my area. But you’re right, every season has its something to be loved for 🙂

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  2. Definitely summer! Although here in New England it really never warms up until July. Then you are assured of hot weather until mid-September or so…When I lived in Atlanta summer ramped up in May and blasted through all the way to October. It was tremendous for a heat lover like me! Hahaha


    1. I bet you’d also love central and south Europe 😀 the Summer is trying to fight already and I believe it will be a long and heating one this year!

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  3. I like spring in a climate like the West of Canada or US and also England where they have a spring. In Ontario, where I live now it goes from dreary spring to full on summer. But I like summer because I like heat and would rather be too hot than too cold. Love the picture of the bride with the sumptuous breakfast laid out before her and the view of the city beyond.


    1. The Spring in Ontario sounds a bit like the Spring showing in Central Europe this year. I love how the nature wakes up and the trees bloom.
      That Picture is my favourite, too 🙂 It’s by ohh couture 🙂



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