Life and so, Moodboards

January moodboard

Hey there!

How have you been? This is the first moodboard of 2017! I soo need one. I’m laying in books for weeks and need something to look forward. I’m becoming a bit more responsible (at school) for those few weeks of semester. Unfortunately this means less time for photography and blog. But! If it will go well since yesterday, this lack of time will disappear. And then… week of skiing in Austria soon. This year we decided to try out new place for skiing so you can look forward to new experiences and photos. I simply can’t wait.

How did your 2017 start so far? Is it good or do you need to study as I do? I hope you’re enjoying the season as much as possible, because if I should point one thing good about winter (I love winter, but I’m also aware of most people don’t) it would be right skiing. Why? Ok, it’s fun, obviously. But it’s actually one of the best ways how to get in shape and even lost on weight, if you want to. When you try to ski properly and your body has to deal with cold at the same time… for me it’s the best workout ever. Easy, fun and works well for me. And not just for me.

Do you like skiing? Or do you prefer snowboad? Or staying at home with a cup of tea? πŸ˜‰

Have a nice day guys!
Love, Michaela

All photos are from weβ™₯it. To see originals check my profile.


3 thoughts on “January moodboard”

  1. whuuuuut stunning photos!! I prefer snowboarding, only did it twice in my life and I really can’t snowboard at all xD but if I had to choose it would be snowboarding. I did skiing a couple of times (indoor) but it’s not really for me xD. As for a holiday, I myself wouldn’t choose to be in the snow. I prefer the 30 degrees sun and the beach, it’s already cold all throughout the year here in The Netherlands. It kind of makes me depressed all this rain, cold winds, grey skies. I drink lots of tea and hot chocolate, cheers! πŸ™‚



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