Sunday summer dreaming

Hello you all!

I have no idea how does summer look in your country but here it’s everything photo-worth except sea. That might be the reason why I like to dream a bit more. Truth be told, I really look forward to every moment spent by the sea. Though I’m not one of those girls loving to spend every single minute of their vacation sunbathing and doing just nothing, I do like to go there and relax from time to time. Swimming, diving, having fun, that’s what defines the perfect vacation by the seaside for me.

Are you the one truly relaxing without any unimportant activity or are you a bit more like I am? And what are your summer sea-plans?

All photos are from we♥it, you can find them in my moodboards collection.

Check also older collections, May moodboard or Sunday moody dreaming.

Have an amazing day, loves!
Michaela ♥


3 thoughts on “Sunday summer dreaming”


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