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Business trousers in three not-so-business ways

One pair of business trousers. Three ways how to wear them. Not only business, ok? I’ve always been denim person. Dresses were there for me to dress up a little bit and jeans and t-shirt were my go-to. Don’t take me wrong, I love fashion. I always knew what would go together. But when I… Continue reading Business trousers in three not-so-business ways

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Chocolate espresso cupcakes.

My favourite no. 1 for this month, I guess. Even D. loved those. He doesn’t usually eat too much of sweet anything and this time 5 of those cupcakes disappeared short after he appeared, haha. I made just a couple of changes in the recipe by Linda. Used less sugar and more baking soda. And… Continue reading Chocolate espresso cupcakes.

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Two-weeks yoga challenge

Hello loves! After last published post I’ve been thinking a little bit. How about making a challenge? Last summer I kicked and activity challenge, which was great (I mean I loved it and am still trying to keep the flow), but somebody here (yes, my hands are up, unfortunately) messed up finishing it here on… Continue reading Two-weeks yoga challenge

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I started yoga a month ago. What happened?

Yoga. Remember a period when everyone was crazy about this and there were many new types of yoga and it was so hard to find a single woman (at least in cities) who wouldn't visit yoga classes. Now there are many new classes trending and although yoga classes are still sold out, you can hear… Continue reading I started yoga a month ago. What happened?

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Pomegranate pavlova with chocolate

There is no birthday without a birthday cake in my family. It always was granny who baked a cake for us. It always was a sponge cake. Oh yes, she's mastered her cakes. Fluffy cream and the sponge never dry. I still love her cakes but I felt like I needed a change. At least… Continue reading Pomegranate pavlova with chocolate

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How to get on a Christmas wave when you are not there yet

If you are as busy as I am you probably have this little bit of a problem. We have too much work to be done to think about Christmas. However, there can be few things to do to change this non-christmas mood. If you have your own tips, let me know guys, everything helps! Now… Continue reading How to get on a Christmas wave when you are not there yet

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The perfect present for him and for you both – boudoir

Hello loves! I'm sure we all know this moment when we have no idea what to give to our partners. Whether it's for Christmas or for his birthday. What more, some of us may want to give him something charming even for a wedding. I've got an idea. Have you heard about boudoir? Truth be… Continue reading The perfect present for him and for you both – boudoir