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Thinking it over

Today it will be probably a bit more personal. Which means if you are not into reading it than skip most of this to the paragraph with a sentence in blue. and below. I feel like this last year have been a bit challenging for me in many things. I don't mean it's been tough… Continue reading Thinking it over

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Travel diaries. Night in Soho square, Egypt

Hello everybody! My dear D. decided we need to go and relax somewhere with plenty of food and fish to swim with. Still studying, we had to choose something budget friendly, which means in or near Europe. And so he said "it's Egypt". It is quite close to us and because of some things political… Continue reading Travel diaries. Night in Soho square, Egypt

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How to survive this exam period

Hello there! Are you on this boat with me? Exams are like hell for me, the more when we have about million subjects to finish during just few weeks. To make it clear, I enjoy learning new things, I really like my school and teachers. The thing I dislike is the end of the semester.… Continue reading How to survive this exam period