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Time to learn something new

Hello guys! I'm ready to get back into writing. I can't even express how much I missed writing. It's been kind of relax for me for years and now as I've been working on pc nonstop it was too difficult to make myself do something more than needed. But here I am with this diary… Continue reading Time to learn something new

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It is ok not to know

I'm sitting here alone, listening to chilled jazz and raindrops bubbling on my window, and thinking over everything that's happening lately. This summer is different and I'm not sure when any of the things are about to show the bright sides they must have for sure. Hezky si tady sedím, poslouchám klidný jazz a kapky… Continue reading It is ok not to know

Diary, Life and so

Cold and lots of thoughts about freelancing | diary

My trying to post regularly is a little bit dead. Reason? Job happened. When you start your own business (sounds great, doesn't it) and everything's on your chest, it sometimes can be a bit difficult. You have bills to pay but still spend more time doing marketing instead of working on projects and orders. That's… Continue reading Cold and lots of thoughts about freelancing | diary