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Chocolate espresso cupcakes.

My favourite no. 1 for this month, I guess. Even D. loved those. He doesn’t usually eat too much of sweet anything and this time 5 of those cupcakes disappeared short after he appeared, haha. I made just a couple of changes in the recipe by Linda. Used less sugar and more baking soda. And… Continue reading Chocolate espresso cupcakes.

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Pomegranate pavlova with chocolate

There is no birthday without a birthday cake in my family. It always was granny who baked a cake for us. It always was a sponge cake. Oh yes, she's mastered her cakes. Fluffy cream and the sponge never dry. I still love her cakes but I felt like I needed a change. At least… Continue reading Pomegranate pavlova with chocolate

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How to get on a Christmas wave when you are not there yet

If you are as busy as I am you probably have this little bit of a problem. We have too much work to be done to think about Christmas. However, there can be few things to do to change this non-christmas mood. If you have your own tips, let me know guys, everything helps! Now… Continue reading How to get on a Christmas wave when you are not there yet