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Ski Amadé, Maria Alm – notes from the first visit

Hello guys!

How’ve you been? These last weeks were crazy for me and I just hope there will be more space to do what I love – blog. Let’s start with it!

As you noticed, this post is about skiing in Maria Alm. This year we stayed amongst Hochkönig. We always go skiing for a week which seems to be the perfect amount of time to spend somewhere to get to know the place, enjoy skiing and go home not that exhausted like after ten or more days.

I tried not to compare it with other  skiing areas I’ve been to in Austria but if you go to find the best skiing you know it’s too difficult. For the best joy of skiing I prefer wide and straight slopes which were difficult to find in Hochkönig. I’d heard that near to us were much better slopes but I was afraid that this better slopes mighn’t be the right for me anyway. Just because of the nature of this area. That was something done they couldn’t change.

But to be honest – yes there were few slopes I really enjoyed. One hidden, red one, I made a video on and second, also red one, which was pretty wide and constant slope. I loved this one. The only negative there was that it was too far from where my boyfriend could ski.

Second negative for me – it took too long  to get from one end to the other. Even to meet your loved ones if their preferred something else than you did.

But to be positive I must say all the people there were really nice and I felt welcomed. Also having a town around was a nice change, when you can go to a bakery or so. On the other hand we could go for a walk only through the town unless we wanted to take a bus.

Nevertheless, it was an amazing week, many people loved almost everything and I believe everyone can find something to like about this place. I did find a lot. The acommodation, few slopes I enjoyed, the people, baked goods (amazing!) or breath taking views. This is what I love skiing and Winter for.

Which is you go to place for skiing, your favourite place?

Love, Michaela

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