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Winter afternoon outside in Libušino údolí

Hey guys!

I just found out I didn’t show you anything from this trip. It was a cold but nice day.  It’s a beautiful place in Czechia in a tiny village in southern Bohemia. The first intention was to take a few photos of a friend with family. Than, as we had quite a lot more time, we decided to go for a walk. Well, I’d never heard about Libušino údolí before but I loved the nature. And the waterfall was slightly freezing up which looked really beautiful.

We don’t have as many photos as I’m used to make for a post but I guess every blogger knows when you just can’t take too many photos because you’re out with people who are perfectly out of a blogging world. But the atmosphere was too nice to keep it just to myself 🙂

It came to my mind to share this with you because this weekend I’m in this are again. Unfortunately, this time there’s not much going on. Well, maybe it is, but nothing to take amazing photos from. I’m to meet a very good friend after a very long time so I suppose there will be a lot to catch up on instead of thinking about the perfect lightning. But, I’m taking my camera with me so maybe I’ll find something to tell you about later.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a nice weekend so far. Enjoy your free time, go and discover something new close to your place and see you soon!

Love, Michaela ♥

DSC_5181 webDSC_5164 webDSC_5151 webDSC_5155 web

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9 thoughts on “Winter afternoon outside in Libušino údolí”

  1. So wonderful photos 😀 Thank you for sharing them, and wish you a perfectly good time with your friend 🙂 Looking forward to reading your story here ^_^



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