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Skiing in Turracher Höhe

Hey you!

At the end of february my and a couple of other families went to Austria for a week to ski. Do you like skiing? Or another winter sports? I sometimes feel like a freak for loving winter and all the sports that come with it.

This was my second time in this area and I actually fell for the place. Sure, the Alps are simply breathtaking everywhere you are and the skiing is worth it aswell.

Do you wander why I like this one that much than? It’s easy. It’s the most friendly skiareal I’ve ever visited. You feel like a part of one big skiing family more than anywhere else.

The first part I’m going to show you guys is from the day I took my camera on slope (risky, but worth it). It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect skiing, icecream, good people and so.

Something about the palce? Skibus, skitaxi, many kms of skislopes, village all over the slopes. All the people (I guess) enjoying skiing and snowboarding and similar stuff.


 DSC_7650 kopieDSC_7609 kopieDSC_7612 kopieDSC_7627 kopieDSC_7639 kopieDSC_7645 kopieDSC_7646  kopieDSC_7665 kopieDSC_7666 kopieDSC_7669 kopieDSC_7673 kopieDSC_7675 kopieDSC_7677 kopieDSC_7683 kopieDSC_7685 kopieDSC_7687 kopieDSC_7688 kopieDSC_7692 kopieDSC_7693 kopieDSC_7699 kopieDSC_7702 kopie


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