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From the other side of a camera

Hi loves!

This time I decided to write about something slightly different than just me, trips or clothes. If you check my posts from time to time, you probably know I’m a student. But in my free time I also “work” as a photographer. (I’m teaching my bf how to work with a camera as he’s helping me with the photos for the Blueberry Lace.)

Nothing more to say. It’s been couple of years with my camera and we are just a good friends up to now 🙂

What about you and photography? Do you care about what your photos look like? And when you go to a professional, is quality worth the prize?

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Love, Michaela ♥

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9 thoughts on “From the other side of a camera”

  1. I still have my DSLR from few years ago. A bit old and rusty, but still able to get decent pictures.

    Haven’t use it a lot lately, as I relied more on my iPhone, and I’ve been exploring video recording. When I thought about buying new DSLR that can take video recording, I decided to buy video camera that can goes to 4k, and gimbal-stabilized.

    Have you thought about exploring video recording?


    1. Well, I started to think about video making as my camera can do it, but I’m a bit too lazy to edit it yet 🙂
      I guess that if you’re not into photography that much, than video camera was a really good idea! 🙂



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