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Little slope walk

Hello guys,

sure you all know that feeling when you are doing your favourite sport for hours and it’s just enough. I actually am not able to ski for more than 4 hours in a row.

That day we decided to quit skiing after midday to have an afternoon walk.

What shall I say, it was a pretty stupid idea to go not only up the hill but up the slope. You know, next to the slopes there was too much snow and you never know what is under it. But going (partly) a black one? Nice challenge for girls like us.

Anyway. We were happy for what we did. Haven’t been this tired for a long time till than. Moreover, we had fun and made a couple of nice photos.

If you are interested, look at it.

See ya,
love, Michaela

 DSC_7468 kopieDSC_7479 kopieDSC_7481 kopieDSC_7483 kopieDSC_7488 kopieDSC_7496 kopieDSC_7511 kopieDSC_7499 kopieDSC_7505 kopieDSC_7518 kopieDSC_7521 kopieDSC_7527 kopieDSC_7523 kopieDSC_7547 kopieDSC_7542 kopieDSC_7551 kopieDSC_7531 kopieDSC_7554 kopieDSC_7555 kopie

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