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Moving, graduation and crocodiles

Hello loves! How did it happen that another week is almost at its end? I mean... I was at work, did a project for school, then went to work again, blinked and it's weekend again. No yay after Friday this time as this weekend will be full of work by the pc and with total… Continue reading Moving, graduation and crocodiles

Diary, Life and so

Weekend diary full of flowers

Hi guys!  Those weeks are way too long. I expected things to get easier after finishing exams but... nothing changer. There is too much work to be finished yet. But to be fair, I get new ideas for posts and so while working on my job stuff, which I am writing down and trying to… Continue reading Weekend diary full of flowers

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Winter afternoon outside in Libušino údolí

Hey guys! I just found out I didn't show you anything from this trip. It was a cold but nice day.  It's a beautiful place in Czechia in a tiny village in southern Bohemia. The first intention was to take a few photos of a friend with family. Than, as we had quite a lot… Continue reading Winter afternoon outside in Libušino údolí

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Lednice, one of the most beautiful castles I know.

Hello everybody! This post is going to be the first one in a series from the Czech Republic. Why so? Well, I live here and am studying here, too. Moreover, so many people come to see so many things in Europe and miss such a beautiful spots here just because of not knowing about those treasures. First… Continue reading Lednice, one of the most beautiful castles I know.