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Happy dress day!

Hello guys!

I’m back. Finally and definitely. I’m really sorry I missed out Pancake Day as I love pancakes and crepes and everything yummy. But today luck helped me and I did notice it’s today.

Because of ending winter and still quite cold weather we didn’t manage a new photoshoot so I decided to show you few of my favourite dress moments. You should know most of them but I still tend to wear my (short) dresses as often as possible and I can’t wait showing you another ones.

Girls, do you like wearing dresses? To me it’s the easiest thing ever – no thinking about what fits together because you have just this one piece. Love it.

Boys, do you like girls wearing dresses? This is something I’ve been always wondering about, tell me!

See you soon sweethearts!

Love, Michaela

DSC_5699 blogDSC_7417 blogDSC_8193 webdsc_4043-kopiedsc_6761-webdsc_3162-web

Red: Orsay
Wedding no.1:
Svatební studio Dany Svozílkové
Custom made
White no.1:
White no.2:
Wedding no.2:
Svatební studio Dany Svozílkové


11 thoughts on “Happy dress day!”

    1. I believe you’ll love dress for summer, That’s the most comfortable piece of cloths ever 🙂


  1. You are beautiful!!! I’m a jeans kinda girl but I love to dress up and have a few very pretty dresses. I wore one to an outdoor wedding in the fall. Fortunately it rained and I wore a jacket over it. I say fortunately because the dress was more stunning than the bride’s dress. At one point I was forced to take it off for a photo and the whole room gasped and gawked- awkward!
    I bet you get all kinds of gasps and gawks…



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