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Moving, graduation and crocodiles

Hello loves! How did it happen that another week is almost at its end? I mean... I was at work, did a project for school, then went to work again, blinked and it's weekend again. No yay after Friday this time as this weekend will be full of work by the pc and with total… Continue reading Moving, graduation and crocodiles

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Sunday in pink

Hello loves! Question for girls - do you like pink? I'm not a huge fan of pink and mostly I don't feel like myself while wearing it, but when it's just a part of an outfit, it actually can be really nice even to me. Question for boys - do you like girls wearing pink?… Continue reading Sunday in pink

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5 things you shouldn’t miss in Prague

Hi travellers! Are you heading to Prague (capital of Czech Republic) for the first time? Or the second, but your not sure if you tried everything interesting? Are you wandering what to do to have a good time? You can take guides and go around all the important touristic places and monuments. But if you are… Continue reading 5 things you shouldn’t miss in Prague

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Lovely navy Spring dress

Hi loves! How's it going? Any news out there? This time I'm here with a few photos of my most favorite dress ever. This shows how one can recycle old fashion. I actually prefer timeless pieces to big temporary trends as those timeless pieces are exactly those you can wear years after buying them. Stripes… Continue reading Lovely navy Spring dress

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Just a walk around – sporty outfit for ending Winter

Hello sweethearts! I wasn't exactly happy that this Winter was over so soon. And I still owe you the skiing post which is on my to-do-list already. However, we decided to use a nice day for a walk around our town and also to make a few photos for this blog. I'm getting used to warmer… Continue reading Just a walk around – sporty outfit for ending Winter