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Wow, where has January gone?

Hi guys!

I can’t believe the time is running so fast. Let’s see it as a blogging holidays. Every January has been crazy so far. School, work, skiing, just too many things and too little time.

So what have we been really doing?

  1. Planning our yearly skiing trip. Every year we go skiing for a week. It’s kind of a big party with breaks for skiing.
  2. Finishing exams (damn school, it’s like never ending absurdist book).
  3. Getting over illness (well, yes, it stopped by)
  4. Trip to Middle Age (hotel, pub, castle and so on). I was about to take tons of photos… but as it came out there was such a lack of light that taking the camera with me was completely pointless.
  5. Shooting. If you ever wondered why the photos on this blog look the way they do, the reason is I’m (they say) a photographer. And have many people to help me with taking photos of myself.

Now I’d love to show you my most favourite photo of January 2017. I don’t tend to shoot fantasy but yes, the Red Riding Hood was our inspiration for this photo. If you want to, go on and write down your opinion about it πŸ˜‰


Did you enjoy January? Was it so busy for you, too? Tell me, I miss reading all your comments!


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