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Z-ART jewelery

Hi you! 6 weeks of exams make a tough time. Exams mean I have absolutely no time for anything else. I am sure we all know this feeling when you want to do anything else but you simply can't. For this photos we teamed up with my new helper for the first time. I must… Continue reading Z-ART jewelery

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Easter walk.

And hi people! Having a free Friday is nothing new to me. Thanks God for going to uni! We always have a day off on Fridays. As many of uni students, I suppose. At least many of my student friends. I really hope your weekens are like this as often as possible. It was Easter weekend,… Continue reading Easter walk.

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Again and again, stripes, here we go!

So this is the end of summer. Let’s say this one was full of new experiences. Lots of things happened here at home but the most enjoyable moments happened in England with Michaela. We’ve seen plenty of monuments and went outside the city to see a bit of nature, too. Even though the sun was… Continue reading Again and again, stripes, here we go!

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Oversized summer.

Hey guys! Before the summer started I thought that it was going to be sweet weeks of time for doing nothing. Well, I was wrong. My summer started two weeks later than it was supposed to and since then I've been working on photos. Weddings and so on. They're so lovely, those couples getting married! Go… Continue reading Oversized summer.