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Lovely navy Spring dress

Hi loves! How's it going? Any news out there? This time I'm here with a few photos of my most favorite dress ever. This shows how one can recycle old fashion. I actually prefer timeless pieces to big temporary trends as those timeless pieces are exactly those you can wear years after buying them. Stripes… Continue reading Lovely navy Spring dress

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Again and again, stripes, here we go!

So this is the end of summer. Let’s say this one was full of new experiences. Lots of things happened here at home but the most enjoyable moments happened in England with Michaela. We’ve seen plenty of monuments and went outside the city to see a bit of nature, too. Even though the sun was… Continue reading Again and again, stripes, here we go!

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Striped zone.

Hi there! 🙂 It's been some time since we posted a new outfit for the last time. But yesterday we met to plan a new photoshoot. As I wrote three weeks ago we've been to England. Don't worry, the post about it full of photos is on its way. Last week I've been working on… Continue reading Striped zone.