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Easter walk.

And hi people! Having a free Friday is nothing new to me. Thanks God for going to uni! We always have a day off on Fridays. As many of uni students, I suppose. At least many of my student friends. I really hope your weekens are like this as often as possible. It wasย Easter weekend,… Continue reading Easter walk.

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Striped zone.

Hi there! ๐Ÿ™‚ It's been some time since we posted a new outfit for the last time. But yesterday we met to plan a new photoshoot. As I wrote three weeks ago we've been to England. Don't worry, the post about it full of photos is on its way. Last week I've been working on… Continue reading Striped zone.

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Oversized summer.

Hey guys! Before the summer started I thought that it was going to be sweetย weeks of time for doing nothing. Well, I was wrong. My summer started two weeks later than it was supposed to and since then I've been working on photos. Weddings and so on. They're so lovely, those couples getting married! Go… Continue reading Oversized summer.