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Weekend diary full of flowers

Hi guys! ย Those weeks are way too long. I expected things to get easier after finishing exams but... nothing changer. There is too much work to be finished yet. But to be fair, I get new ideas for posts and so while working on my job stuff, which I am writing down and trying to… Continue reading Weekend diary full of flowers

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Simple but nice summer outfit

Hello sunshines! The summer has finally come. Except it's raining while I'm writing this. Doesn't matter, people need to rest, right? The temperature is nice, though. I mean... You can wear summer clothes but don't sweat anytime you go out from an air-conditioned building. This week we are travelling a bit more than usual, so… Continue reading Simple but nice summer outfit

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Oversized summer.

Hey guys! Before the summer started I thought that it was going to be sweetย weeks of time for doing nothing. Well, I was wrong. My summer started two weeks later than it was supposed to and since then I've been working on photos. Weddings and so on. They're so lovely, those couples getting married! Go… Continue reading Oversized summer.