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Simple but nice summer outfit

Hello sunshines! The summer has finally come. Except it's raining while I'm writing this. Doesn't matter, people need to rest, right? The temperature is nice, though. I mean... You can wear summer clothes but don't sweat anytime you go out from an air-conditioned building. This week we are travelling a bit more than usual, so… Continue reading Simple but nice summer outfit

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Sunday in pink

Hello loves! Question for girls - do you like pink? I'm not a huge fan of pink and mostly I don't feel like myself while wearing it, but when it's just a part of an outfit, it actually can be really nice even to me. Question for boys - do you like girls wearing pink?… Continue reading Sunday in pink

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Lovely navy Spring dress

Hi loves! How's it going? Any news out there? This time I'm here with a few photos of my most favorite dress ever. This shows how one can recycle old fashion. I actually prefer timeless pieces to big temporary trends as those timeless pieces are exactly those you can wear years after buying them. Stripes… Continue reading Lovely navy Spring dress

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Blueberry spring

Hello guys! It's been a long time, right? No post for a couple of weeks. But we worked anyway, don't worry. Did you enjoy your spring? The weather here seems rather Summer already. I am preparing a few "projects" for the blog. And there are also a few changes lately. My sweet Adri is leaving Blueberry… Continue reading Blueberry spring

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The cup of coco walk.

Hi you! Well, can't say I need it. But! If there is any coffee or hot chocolate or something like this you just got me. In fact in spring and autumn it is not that important but in winter? You just need to get warmer. So as in summer is something cold needed. So, well. We… Continue reading The cup of coco walk.