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Wanderlust – places I need to visit again and again

I love traveling. Who doesn't? And my wanderlust is stronger and stronger with every new photography skill. I know about people who are totally ok with being at home and don't need to discover new places and cultures. And also with those who do want to go abroad. But they stay at a hotel and maybe… Continue reading Wanderlust – places I need to visit again and again

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Waiting for sunset in Eftang

Those few days were amazing. We found out how does it work in Vestfold with buses (you have a time ticket) and our tent was standing right on a beach. Well, yes, it rained the whole afternoon we came there but it was actually good for us as we could take a rest. The wind… Continue reading Waiting for sunset in Eftang

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5 reasons to fall in love with southern Norway

Norway is a huge country everybody at least heard of. You hear about and see photos of famous fjords and national parks, but there is much more about this place. Who wants to see Norway goes to Bergen and northern. I decided to try something different. And it was worth it. Here are the 5… Continue reading 5 reasons to fall in love with southern Norway

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First expressions from Vestfold

Hello there! We're back home finally, enjoying hot and dark summer nights, friends and comfortable bedroom. This was our first time to Norway and I loved it, however, next time it needs to be planned in a bit different way. Are you wondering what we found out? Well, look. Buses are not always on time Everybody… Continue reading First expressions from Vestfold