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Workoholic Michaela | diary

Monday. Did I ever mentioned how much I love travelling when there is nothing for me to need to do? When you simply sit down and watch country running next to you. This part is a-mazing. What is not so amazing part if it? Having to run from one vehicle to another with big heavy… Continue reading Workoholic Michaela | diary

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Fishing and lots of photoshoots | diary

And so Monday happened. The previous weekend was pretty long – four days, yay! And so we decided to enjoy it a little bit and went fishing. To be accurate, D. was fishing and I was enjoying being far away from civilisation. I so love those moments of being out there with no people (except… Continue reading Fishing and lots of photoshoots | diary

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Barum Rally Zlín

This weekend was pretty awesome. My boyfriend got tickets for this competition that takes its place in Zlín every year. It's quite close to our home, though I've never been there before. Actually, he tries whole summer to make our time a bit more active and adventurous. I wish we only had more time for… Continue reading Barum Rally Zlín