Speaking food – what really is healthy?

Speaking food Since I got ill a couple of years ago I got a little bit into healthier eating. Back then I had to eat low fat without any aroma or seeds. Luckily for just a short period of time. However, when your body gets used to low fat food it’s hard to eat it… Continue reading Speaking food – what really is healthy?

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5 tips to make Mondays better

Hello Monday! We've not missed you! No, I'm kidding right now. We all love Mondays and I love them even more since two weeks ago when I decided to publish a post every Monday. From two weeks ago until who knows when. Hopefully a couple of years, right? Whatever. It never can be easy to… Continue reading 5 tips to make Mondays better

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Two-weeks yoga challenge

Hello loves! After last published post I’ve been thinking a little bit. How about making a challenge? Last summer I kicked and activity challenge, which was great (I mean I loved it and am still trying to keep the flow), but somebody here (yes, my hands are up, unfortunately) messed up finishing it here on… Continue reading Two-weeks yoga challenge

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I started yoga a month ago. What happened?

Yoga. Remember a period when everyone was crazy about this and there were many new types of yoga and it was so hard to find a single woman (at least in cities) who wouldn't visit yoga classes. Now there are many new classes trending and although yoga classes are still sold out, you can hear… Continue reading I started yoga a month ago. What happened?