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Dog breeds and trends

Hello guys! For today I decided to have a small speech about the trends I keep seeing within dog breeds. And I wrote a bit more than usual, so I'm sorry for this. As you probably know already, right now we have a Wire Fox Terrier. What you might not know yet is the fact… Continue reading Dog breeds and trends

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How to survive this exam period

Hello there! Are you on this boat with me? Exams are like hell for me, the more when we have about million subjects to finish during just few weeks. To make it clear, I enjoy learning new things, I really like my school and teachers. The thing I dislike is the end of the semester.… Continue reading How to survive this exam period

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Fishing and a show with my little princess

Hey you there! After a long long time I'm here with kind of a "diary" video about last week. It was a pretty tough one. Too long and too short, all in one. The summer break here in Czech Republic is pretty long, the longer for universities. Which should mean you have planty of time… Continue reading Fishing and a show with my little princess