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5 perfect spring hairstyles from instagram

Do you also have the same problem when you get up in the morning? I mean "what should I do with my hair??" I usually just brush it, make a quick ponytale (sometimes) and go. But there are days when it's not raining and I have a bit more time to make myself looking a… Continue reading 5 perfect spring hairstyles from instagram

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5 best instagram-worth outfits

Hello guys! It's a new week again, right? In two months time we will be celebrating New Year! Are you looking forward to the next chapter? One note to you. Had a thought of why did I ignore Halloween come on your minds? Well, it's not a custom where I live and for me today… Continue reading 5 best instagram-worth outfits

Insta hairstyles

3 top hairstyles from last week

Hello you all, this time I was charmed by a few hairstyles and I decided to choose the three best ones. My most favourite for now and those I need to wear whole autumn. This is not new, right.But as winter gets closer and I get excited for slope fun, braids make a huge… Continue reading 3 top hairstyles from last week

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5 fashion moments from last week

Hello sweethearts! October is here and another week is over. To welcome this one I decided to go through the best fashion moments on instagram. It's fashion month, isn't it? 1. Chiara Who said headbands are over? Who said headbands are for little girls? I love hair accessories as well as I love ear… Continue reading 5 fashion moments from last week