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Cold and lots of thoughts about freelancing | diary

My trying to post regularly is a little bit dead. Reason? Job happened. When you start your own business (sounds great, doesn't it) and everything's on your chest, it sometimes can be a bit difficult. You have bills to pay but still spend more time doing marketing instead of working on projects and orders. That's… Continue reading Cold and lots of thoughts about freelancing | diary


Speaking food – what really is healthy?

Speaking food Since I got ill a couple of years ago I got a little bit into healthier eating. Back then I had to eat low fat without any aroma or seeds. Luckily for just a short period of time. However, when your body gets used to low fat food it’s hard to eat it… Continue reading Speaking food – what really is healthy?

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5 tips to make Mondays better

Hello Monday! We've not missed you! No, I'm kidding right now. We all love Mondays and I love them even more since two weeks ago when I decided to publish a post every Monday. From two weeks ago until who knows when. Hopefully a couple of years, right? Whatever. It never can be easy to… Continue reading 5 tips to make Mondays better

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello guys! Something like this haven't been here for pretty long time, but I've been nominated by this kind woman and simply need to continue. Guess who nominated me? It was The Musing Monkey! Thank you, dear, once more. Well, those are the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award: Thank the person who gave you this award,… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award