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New city, new flat, seeking new jobs?

Have you ever moved to a completely different corner of the world? I have. And as this is my first time moving to a new area as a working adult I have no idea what to expect. And it also makes a huge difference when you are employed somewhere and when you are your own… Continue reading New city, new flat, seeking new jobs?

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Time to learn something new

Hello guys! I'm ready to get back into writing. I can't even express how much I missed writing. It's been kind of relax for me for years and now as I've been working on pc nonstop it was too difficult to make myself do something more than needed. But here I am with this diary… Continue reading Time to learn something new

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It’s always difficult to start something new – when it’s worth it.

I believe we all know this feeling. You have this idea of yours and you prepare it perfectly to start off but when the time has come you simply don't know when and how to. You simply can't make yourself do it. There's always something stopping you from. Quitting a job to find a new… Continue reading It’s always difficult to start something new – when it’s worth it.

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello guys! Something like this haven't been here for pretty long time, but I've been nominated by this kind woman and simply need to continue. Guess who nominated me? It was The Musing Monkey! Thank you, dear, once more. Well, those are the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award: Thank the person who gave you this award,… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award