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Little inspiration for decorating Halloween food.

Hello everyone! A while ago I had this idea to spend whole day baking and photographing. It ended up as a day and half days of baking and one afternoon dedicated only to food photography. However, this two days we had Halloween in August. Too early? Not for photographers, trust me. I'm living in Christmas… Continue reading Little inspiration for decorating Halloween food.


Speaking food – what really is healthy?

Speaking food Since I got ill a couple of years ago I got a little bit into healthier eating. Back then I had to eat low fat without any aroma or seeds. Luckily for just a short period of time. However, when your body gets used to low fat food it’s hard to eat it… Continue reading Speaking food – what really is healthy?

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Chocolate espresso cupcakes.

My favourite no. 1 for this month, I guess. Even D. loved those. He doesn’t usually eat too much of sweet anything and this time 5 of those cupcakes disappeared short after he appeared, haha. I made just a couple of changes in the recipe by Linda. Used less sugar and more baking soda. And… Continue reading Chocolate espresso cupcakes.

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Pomegranate pavlova with chocolate

There is no birthday without a birthday cake in my family. It always was granny who baked a cake for us. It always was a sponge cake. Oh yes, she's mastered her cakes. Fluffy cream and the sponge never dry. I still love her cakes but I felt like I needed a change. At least… Continue reading Pomegranate pavlova with chocolate