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2018 was big. 2019 is going to be bigger.

Good afternoon loves! The time has come and year of 2018 getting very close to its end. This season I was not planning to be pathetic as most of us bloggers and did not let Christmas get onto this blog. Reason seekers? Every single blog was full of Christmas stuff. Gift tips, Christmas Eve outfit tips… it’s everywhere. I love Christmas, nevertheless, this year I had one spare day to enjoy it – our trip to Salzburg. Even there I enjoyed more of surrounding mountains and “sightseeing” – walk around city. To make long story short, festive mood didn’t interrupt my mind this year. Believe for better mood next December.

To be honest, for me even New Year’s wouldn’t count that much. Not a fan of partying on purpose and living within weeks, not months or years lately. I’m one of those who need schedule and party on Monday doesn’t count in this. But people do this, they party, they reflect at the year gone and plan for year that is to come. Luckily, new year starts during my season and that means, first of January or not, that there are things to start with during January. Still not on the first as I like to publish according to a timetable. And Tuesday is not my day, guys, haha.

Why 2018 was big? For me the most important is that I started photography full time after years. I moved to another half of our country and moved in with D. (actually, I still spend a lot of time away from our place working, but it’s our place anyway) and attended the best skiing course in my life so far and can’t wait for another one. We also planned big things to work on in 2019. So what is to come?

New online project in two niches at once as close to me and our future as possible. A hint or two for you – I’ll be trying different platform and it’s more of the outdoor Michaela than Blueberry Lace. Hope this project could take up a lot of my time and someday.

Country switch! After a year of living together we would like to move to another country. Our family and friends know exactly but in world online we’ll keep it for ourselves for a while. Although I love Czech Republic, there’s a little of nature without people, villages or chalets. On one hand it is very safe anywhere, on the other hand there are people on every corner and almost every path you take. How ever, we want to gain some experience before settling down and starting a family.

And two resolutions to add this up – first, I would love to be more organised and to post regularly to all the platforms I’m active on. The second part of this resolution worked better this year than the first one, but I improved with both. And yet there is space for improvement. Second, let’s do what’s possible to spend more time outdoors than the last few years.

What are your plans or New Year’s resolutions guys? Do you set goals for upcoming year or not really?

DSC_4938 kopie

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