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That happy world I’m living in

Hello my internet and real life friends.

I came back from that skiing course a week ago. Like last Sunday. And I loved it so much! But that is not what made me write this post. Kind of.

The most beautiful time of the year has come and all the blogs and vlogs are throwing Christmas stuff at you and I totally get it. I’m just not going to do the same. (Excluding a wish at the end of this post.)

Actually, it is Sunday and that means I came back from another skiing course. But you haven’t heard a lot about the first one and this should change. Soon. All I’m going to say is that the first one was organized by APUL, I loved it and passed. And celebrated by eating up this big Magnum pack. More you’ll be able to read soon, just in a post about both courses probably.

Now on to this happy world I’m living in! A few days ago two very nice people, who I met just last week, claimed that I’m incredibly positive person and that it seems like I wear living on a fluffy sunny cloud.

It made me speechless, somehow, not for long luckily, and I started to think about how this happened. Or what does it mean. This leads to this point of Instagram and other social media not showing real lives of people. On social media we all look perfectly happy and ok. Even though we’re not. But is this a thing of modern time and social media only?

I don’t think so, guys. No one knows us for real that deeply. We meet people, we greet people and we talk to them. But we don’t talk about our issues with them unless we get very deep or drunk. You don’t want to make them listen to your deep stories and troubles and you don’t really need to hear everything from them unless you are very good friends with them. Social media are just making this bigger and more visible as we put everything nice out there and are sometimes even trying hard to create those beautiful moments to publish.

So no, I am not living in a dream world. I live a life as anyone else. I have my ups and downs, there are good and bad things, sometimes my wishes work out and sometimes they don’t. I just decided not to let the world break me. To be happy for little things and to respect what is to come.

And this is something I would love to send to others. This is the aim of my online worlds. To show people that happiness is not given, that it’s created. That sitting at home with our phones or laptops won’t make us happy, but experience and fresh air will.

And to go more for this aim I decided to create a place for that. Hopefully it will be done by the end of this year.

See you soon,

Love, Michaela

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2 thoughts on “That happy world I’m living in”

  1. Our resort finally opened on Friday! I hav e waited so long. It is not the most ideal of conditions, but any day I can ride a lift is a great day. This is when I miss living out west so much. But it’ll do for now! What a wonderful compliment to you. I can only imagine riding that cloud as you were skiing in the clouds!


  2. Sitting at home won’t make us happy but experience and fresh air will – couldn’t agree with you more Michaela! Merry Christmas 😊



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