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Christmas market in Salzburg

Last winter we went to Vienna markets. Lovely, very festive with amazing atmosphere. However, Vienna is overwhelmed during December. Therefore we decided to try a different place this year. Of course I still love our Czech markets (can’t wait to go to Prague) and go as often as possible. But also we like to go to new places and soak Christmas at different places. And yes, Austria is quite close for us to go to. And is my favourite place to go for many reasons.

Guys, I have to say that we loved Salzburg before Christmas so much! We chose to go on Monday to avoid crowded markets and it was a truly good step as the moment it started to get darker the people started to appear. I can’t imagine what it has to look like during weekends. Well, probably I can. After Vienna you just know what overcrowded means.

How ever, the city itself is very beautiful and during advent it’s so festive and feels cosy! Fairy lights are everywhere, people are smiling and are just lovely. And what is my number one point is that all the stands sell winter stuff or over all Austrian food and drinks. No Vietnamese noodles had been met there. Good one.

We had a nice stroll around the city, climbed up to the castle, ate salzburger with fries and strawberries in white chocolate and had a very good punch (ok, I had hot cider and I liked it more than any punch ever).

If you love christmas markets and doon’t like too many people around you, Salzburg is a way to go. Next time we are going to Prague market, stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚

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