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Why did I stress out because of a knee | diary

Hello guys!

After a long long time I decided to do a diary post. There have been a long time when I didn’t do anything next to work and stuff I wrote about. But change has come!

Long story short, I fell over my boots and hurt my knee. It seemed like nothing big, just a bruise. Well, the bruise started to hurt a bit more than just a bruise and I stressed out. Simply, nothing too huge, but as I’m leaving for a skiing course next Monday, I knew it has to be okay as soon as possible.

Those last weeks were full of doing almost nothing, of going nowhere to let the leg recover. Not being able to work out makes me more lazy and tired and less enthusiastic about anything. What more, I’m pretty afraid of what will this course look like without proper preparation.

Well, I’ll let you know soon, haha.

More positive vibe now!

I can’t wait to be back in the mountains, guys! Snow around, skis under my feet, what in the world is better (excluding happy and healthy family, that’s the most of course)? This winter I decided to go further, to deal with higher education and to defeat myself.

Also, for some time I’m thinking about a project to start. And as winter is coming and I finally have the right name, we are kicking it off right before Christmas. Stay tuned if you are a winter lover!

See you next week, guys.
Love, Michaela


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