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5 things to do in December

Another Sunday, another blog post. Bet there is much more of you being happy about December than about November, right? Haha. Well, I like both of them, you know. Every month has something special and can be very nice. All depends on how you manage to use it.

Here is my list of things I can never miss in December. Maybe you’ll get inspired. Maybe you are doing all of those things, too.

Visiting Christmas markets

I never go to Christmas markets before advent begins. And sometimes when it begins before December I like to wait. Since it’s my birthday in November I don’t consider it a month of celebrating Christmas. Plus the word December sounds better with Christmas, haha.

Drink hot cocoa with whipped cream all the time

And this year we’re adding marshmallows. I often do this in the evenings before and during Christmas. Probably we all do, right? This time I pulled D. in this little tradition. This also changes the film playlist a bit – he isn’t into watching my fav Christmas films.

DSC_2841 kopie

Watch The Holiday

This is my all the time favourite for this season! Never miss a year since I watched it for the first time. When there is the right mood for this I’m capable of watching it several times during December.

Visit cemetery

This is our tradition for usually 24th. To say hi to our beloved who can’t spend Christmas day at our table anymore. This is not a point full of having fun but it should be important for all of us – to remember and light a candle. Especially on Christmas.

The Nutcracker

If there is the opportunity I love to go to see this piece. We are not able to visit this ballet every year and therefore I at least play the music every now and then during advent.

DSC_4938 kopie

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