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Which area is the right one | Being a photographer series

Hello my dear photographers!

Did you read the first post in this series? If so, what is your decision? Are you going to stay with your phone camera and just enjoy views or use your universal camera friend on the road or are you into this DSLR game?

Anyway, whatever way did you chose, you might be thinking of which kind of photography is the one you want to focus on. For phone people it usually is anything looking interesting at that moment. This often goes with small cameras, too. But still, there probably is something you like capturing more.

Often I meet people enjoying taking photos of sunsets. That goes hand in hand with nature photos. In case you are not that into capturing nature you might be into catching cute or funny faces and moments of your friends and other close people. Some of you can also prefer nature in details – that is a huge difference, believe me or not. Taking photo of beautiful view is not similar to detailed photo of a flower at all. And maybe you like seeking good moments of animals.

_6109051 kopie

If you want to get better at photography trust me, you can’t be good in every area of it. I even don’t expect myself to be good in every area of photographing people – I’m okay with weddings, I like (and hopefully the people do, too) portraits of mostly adults and sometimes even children. But I am not able to get good enough with newborn photography. But I don’t even consider myself a wedding photographer as it is not the only thing I will do so I can’t get exceptionally good in it.

Go out and try. Try different styles and learn. Give every area a few days or trips to find out whether you like it or not. Compare those areas you try. No one can love all of them. Give it a time, take a chance with all you want to try before you decide. And then, as you see that makes you happy the most, you can focus on it and improve your skills.

_6109084 kopie

Especially with cameras with more lenses there it quite important to find the right area you want to focus on as different areas need different lenses. I can use lenses perfect for portraiture photography to shoot nature. But it would not be good enough. Using lenses for landscape photos for wildlife is (almost) impossible. This is what I mean. With a universal camera or lens try out as much as you can before you decide and even invest.

There’s probably no better advice than this sending you to go and try. You must try and feel what makes you feel better.

Plus, you always can switch.

DSC_6836 kopie

3 thoughts on “Which area is the right one | Being a photographer series”

  1. Když fotograf koupí “lepší” tělo zrcadlovky (u Nikonu řadu D7000 a podobné), aby mělo motorek pro pohon ostření, může to hraní se skly dotáhnout ještě dál – bazary jsou plné levných starších objektivů, ideálních na zkoušení a testování. Pokud fotograf fakt neví, jestli mu to sklo k něčemu bude, investovat pár peněz pro začátek je lepší varianta, než koupit novější sklo za 14 000 a pak zjistit, že mu leží doma. Jenom doplnění k těm zrcadlovkám 🙂


    1. To máš samozřejmě pravdu 🙂 ale jednak si myslím, že ten, kdo si koupí levnou zrcadlovku, nechce dávat spousty peněz ani za objektivy. Ale hlavně tohle už by bylo přespříliš rozepsané, rozdíly zrcadlovek a body, co je potřeba zahrnout ve výběru by vydaly na celý článek 🙂



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