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5 things to do in November

Who likes autumn? And what do you like about it? I bet most of the people around prefer summer and spring.

I don’t. I love this time of the year when it gets dark earlier, when you can wrap yourself in a blanket or scarf and feel home even outside. And what are those things I do to enjoy this time even more?

Go fly a kite with your friends!

Thinking you’r not a child anymore? Whatever. Grab your friends, maybe those you haven’t seen for a while and go. Beginning of November is probably the last time for some time when you can give this a try. And trust me, you’ll love it because of how childish it is and because of your friends being around!

Go for a morning walk near water

I love morning walks all year long. But don’t forget to do so in November! It starts to be crispy and sometimes when the sun shines there is a mist above water. Your dog would love you for this, if you have one!

_6109122 kopie

Start working out to get in shape for winter

For me the reason is skiing. There are usually courses in December and as I have nowhere to train skiing I need to excercise at least. For you – it truly is a good idea to get in shape before Christmas as during Christmas we all eat what we love and we don’t think too much about consequences. Starting with better body leaves less work for after Christmas. And that’s worth it.

Start burning candles

This is the right time! Tea candles are ok in October, but votive candles are perfect from November till February. Personally, I burn most of them in this time before and during Christmas as this is the time of the year when I spend most of my time at home. When the snow falls and we start skiing I have no time to do this. When the sun is shining a lot and the weather makes you go out… well, we all know what I mean. So yes, this is the perfect time.

Prepare for Christmas

Try new recipes to get it ready for Christmas. And look around for those little things that can help you create the true Christmas atmosphere at home.

And, if you haven’t yet, start looking for Christmas presents! You’ll make yourself an honor.

DSC_2736 kopie

1 thought on “5 things to do in November”

  1. U mě je listopad hlavně uklízecí, jak ve hmotné rovině (šatník a krámy), tak v psychické rovině. Mám ten letošek jaksi bilanční 🙂



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