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Little inspiration for decorating Halloween food.

Hello everyone!

A while ago I had this idea to spend whole day baking and photographing. It ended up as a day and half days of baking and one afternoon dedicated only to food photography. However, this two days we had Halloween in August. Too early? Not for photographers, trust me. I’m living in Christmas mood since school year started.

If you want to make your life easier, use pre-prepared goods. Cupcake mixes or pie batter and pie filling. What ever you like. I did it all from scratch. First, I was too lazy to go grocery shopping for stuff I don’t usually use. Second, I love that process. Third, I always prefer to know what exactly was used in food I’m eating. That’s part of my way of eating lately.

_6106642 web 2

Ok. First of all – little pumpkins. I just cut the shapes out of pie batter and filled those with apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar. Then put the top layer on the top (wow, this sentence doesn’t really sound weird,haha) and connect the rims using a fork. Bake.

_6106611 web

Second – make a chocolate pudding, then bake the cupcakes and let it all cool. Now a few of those cupcakes and crush them. Layer crushed cupcakes with pudding. Make as many layers as you wish. For me two of each were enough. I also used chocolate to write R.I.P. on a biscuit used as a memorial. And don’t forget sour warms!

_6106596 web

Third – if you can’t buy tiny eyes, you need to make them. Melt white chocolate and make little dots on a piece of baking paper. In between let dark chocolate melt as well. Now, as dark chocolate is melted and your eye balls are ready, you can continue with smaller dark dots in it. Put it in a freezer for a while to work with the chocolate comfortably later.

Make butter cream or which ever cream or frosting you like. But remember – it has to hold its shape well. I used tip with a rectangle (They call it for example bascetwave tip, but whatever name you use, rectangle shape is most suitable I guess). It is better for me to put the eyes on top first, but work along whichever order you prefer.

And that’s it for today guys! See you on Sunday.

_6106676 web


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