Little time means no blog? No way!

Hello, hello!

Even though I realized what day and time is it right now and had a thought about leaving out this weeks blog post, I decided to take a time off of work and to sit and write. And why did I have little time? Well, I had a guest for this weekend – one of my very close friends came for a couple of days. We had plenty of work to be done (she is a makeup artist so sometimes we work together) and than relaxed, partied and had a good time.

Once again, thanks to walks with her, I remembered how amazing neighbourhood we have and that the surroundings are amazing. For most of the people there is probably very little of amazing places in this area of Czechia since we don’t have vast forests and giant mountains or endless sea. But the environment is beautiful anyway, people are warm-hearted and I know no one who would feel bad here. And what’s more, this is home to me.

Anyone interested in how we are getting used to living together with D.? If so, it’s good. It’s even been better than I expected as D. has been trying hard to live happily together as well as I have (hopefully). But it haven’t been a long time so let’s see what time will bring. Fortunately it is going to be just better and better every day.

Well, this is all from me today. I’m working from dawn to dusk every single day and that’s not something I would be able to write about a lot in a diary post. Therefore I’m leaving now and planning a new post which is going to be less diary-ish.

Have an amazing rest of the day and see you next Sunday loves!

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