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It’s always difficult to start something new – when it’s worth it.

I believe we all know this feeling. You have this idea of yours and you prepare it perfectly to start off but when the time has come you simply don’t know when and how to. You simply can’t make yourself do it. There’s always something stopping you from.

Quitting a job to find a new (obviously better for you) one. Saying hi to your crush. Buying your dream dog. Or for some people it even might be starting a blog, isn’t it? All in all, it gets difficult to step out our comfort zones and do something new and different. But I need to tell you something.

It is worth the try. It’s worth doing the first step. Because the butterflies in your belly are the best feeling in the world when you make yourself do something for the first time.

I was nervous when I was about to start my photography business. I waited for so long. And then the time had come and I had two choices – go and do a job I was perfectly not suited for or go and do something I loved. To be honest I actually tried the first option. For one day. For one single day I did this exhausting job. And then decided to fight my fears and go for it. I’m not going to lie now, it isn’t easy yet. But it’s getting better and better and I don’t regret this decision in any direction.

What is the dream you are afraid to go for? Or are you working on reaching it already?

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