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Monday. Did I ever mentioned how much I love travelling when there is nothing for me to need to do? When you simply sit down and watch country running next to you. This part is a-mazing. What is not so amazing part if it? Having to run from one vehicle to another with big heavy backpack and suitcase.

The rest of the week consisted of work. Work and work. I needed to do something with the tons of photos we made on Mother’s Day. A little tricky trouble also popped out with the software I use and it was not nice. To be honest I hated it. Dealing with this took me whole day.

Well, back to being positive, right? Did you do something for yourself last week? No? Go and do it this week! When one period ends you need to start another. This is not really easy thing to do when you are not sure of what you want to do. And you need to decide what career is the perfect one for you. Well, you may decide to do one thing and hope you’ll love it the rest of your life. Or you may go and try as long as your age doesn’t make you settle down and have that one job you know won’t let you down.

I’m ready for period of trying! It may sound crazy and employers don’t like to see or hear those words but let’s admit it – we need to try. Always. When you go out there and get a new job you’ve never tried doing before you obviously try it. And later you can see whether you like the job or not. That’s a fact.

Actually, would you be interested in work and career posts? Probably more of a motivation than a real personalist’s advice. However, it may help to someone.

Well… we’ll see what life and BL brings!

Have an amazing day guys!


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