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Business trousers in three not-so-business ways

One pair of business trousers.

Three ways how to wear them.

Not only business, ok?

I’ve always been denim person. Dresses were there for me to dress up a little bit and jeans and t-shirt were my go-to. Don’t take me wrong, I love fashion. I always knew what would go together. But when I took it on I always felt too weird.

So as seasons change, I grew up and had to buy trousers. Proper adult business trousers. Well, the most common place to wear them to is obvious. But don’t you sometimes feel a need to wear a nice piece of clothing you liked so much in the shop a little bit more often?

I do! I spent almost a day thinking about how to wear this trousers to less formal occasions and out of office. Well, it obviously will be still more formal than jeans.But who cares. In Czechia people lost their need for formal clothing and that makes me sad sometimes. All you can see are people wearing jeans and t-shirts or hoodies. Sometimes you can see dress. Well, we got lost in this comfortable sporty style and no matter how much it is comfortable and how much I love it, I personally miss having the opportunity to kind of dress up.

Well, enough chatting about this. What have you been doing whole week? It’s been going on so much for me that I wouldn’t even know where to start. Guess it’s time to get back into weekly updates, don’t you think? Hopefully it is a better way how to share it all with you than to dig it in a post like this. Wait for Thursday, then!

Office go-to

This can’t be left out, this is why we bought these trousers!  You know what I mean.

DSC_8285 webDSC_8302 webDSC_8311 webDSC_8326 web

T-shirt: Camaieu
Blazer: Mango
Bracelet: Pandora
Trousers: Orsay
Shoes: Baťa

Sporty version for a day off

Sunday afternoon for me. Guys, you probably know this shirt and it still is my favourite one. It’s just sooooo comfy. Sneakers with it and you are ready to rock your free time!

DSC_8355 webDSC_8386 webDSC_8392 webDSC_8407 web

Shirt: Mango
Bracelet: Pandora
Handbag: Reserved
Trousers: Orsay
Shoes: Adidas

Casual office look for the coffee break afternoons with gals

Ok. Roll your sleeves up, undo this one more button and that’s it. You are free to change from office girl to cool cafe social ninja.

DSC_8215 webDSC_8216 webDSC_8227 webDSC_8243 webDSC_8268 web

Shirt: Lindex
Backpack: Stradivarius
Bracelet: Pandora
Trousers: Orsay
Shoes: H&M


6 thoughts on “Business trousers in three not-so-business ways”

      1. Já jsem si ty svoje o cenťáček přistříhla – zase se mi po pár měsících zdálo, že už nemají tvar, tak jsem jim trochu dopomohla 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. These three outfity are perfect. The business trousers suites you more than jeans. I also adore your shoes , especialy the black ones. And your hair are pretty long too. When did they grow up?

    Two years ago I bought nice light-blue business jacket in Orsay. There were also business pants in same colour, just a costume. I realy don’t know why I did not buy them ať tahat time. Now it’s hard to find the same or the most similar pants to the jacket.


    1. Thank you! I just tried to have fun with them. Still don’t feel to confident in them, but it’s getting better, thanks. Well, hair… we haven’t seen each other for ages! :)) I can’t wait to cut it off 😀

      Oh, what a pitty. Maybe you’ll need to find new whole suit as it will be impossible to find the exact colour. Hope you’ll see something like that again.



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