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Chocolate espresso cupcakes.

My favourite no. 1 for this month, I guess. Even D. loved those. He doesn’t usually eat too much of sweet anything and this time 5 of those cupcakes disappeared short after he appeared, haha. I made just a couple of changes in the recipe by Linda. Used less sugar and more baking soda. And yes, I always do our family butter cream. Not big difference, though.

Actually those photos are about a month old. There is always too much to do, isn’t it? It was perfect time for a dessert like this. The weather was getting warmer yet it still was a little bit chilly. I was home-alone the whole Easter weekend taking care of our dog (she’s still ill but getting better every day) so there was plenty of spare time for being creative.

And when it comes to baking, I always go through Call me cupcake! Linda’s recipes are perfect and someone here really appreciates she uses European everything. I don’t need to think how much is this or that and I just go and measure it. Just like that. Perfect. Don’t take me wrong, I also love recipes from Brits and Americans. It’s just always a bit more comfortable to use recipes from people who bakes somewhere else. Ounces? Fahrenheit? Oh, no, thank you. I have no idea how much it is. Have you ever imagined that our packages come in different sizes because of this? Funny, isn’t it. Sometimes I even enjoy this 🙂 and sometimes there is lack of time for rewriting the recipe to follow it easily.

Gosh, where did this get guys? Here’s link to the recipe.

Next time I’ll try to share with you a more seasonal styling. And who knows what kind of recipe it will be. Any recommendations? Is there anything you would like to bake and see a way how to style it? Let me know in the comments guys!

Styling this ones was supposed to be simple and natural. Cocoa, chocolate glaze and chocolate chips. So simple. With the chocolate cream (I didn’t put the coffee in it) it was just perfect. Give it a try!

DSC_6832 pintDSC_6824 kopie 2DSC_6828 kopieDSC_6840 kopieDSC_6836 kopie

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