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Two-weeks yoga challenge

Hello loves!

After last published post I’ve been thinking a little bit. How about making a challenge? Last summer I kicked and activity challenge, which was great (I mean I loved it and am still trying to keep the flow), but somebody here (yes, my hands are up, unfortunately) messed up finishing it here on the blog.

Therefore (!) I’d love to make another challenge and go through it with you and finish it better way. If you want to join me, I would be more than happy!

Now you know I tried yoga because of my back. And yes, it does help. BUT this kind of exercise comes to my mind just from time to time, which is a bit sad. Also the flexibility doesn’t change that much when one doesn’t exercise regularly.

I picked four videos to work out along with. If you prefer different ones, let me know! Those are the ones I like and am quite capable of finishing without dying. Are you ready for this?

Every day. One of those yoga videos. And I’ll be filming it (not like every day, don’t worry, that would be too boring) to see it there is any obvious progress possible. With kind of diary feelings. I believe that filming it will be easier than writing it down and taking pictures. Bet you understand. Also, it might be fun, don’t you agree?

Well, who’s in with me? Come to join me! All you need is a little bit of space, water and at least those videos! I’m starting on Monday, which meands today for me. But of course it depends only on you when you want to start this, if you want to. But! In case you do, let me know! And also let me know how it will go, I’m curious.

Ready, steady… here are those videos!

2 thoughts on “Two-weeks yoga challenge”

  1. I’m always trying to get into some workout routine, but I never stick to one for longer than a month! I really like yoga though, I’ve been trying some beginner videos as well. Hopefully i can stick with it for longer than a month 😄 good luck in your challenge Michaela!


    1. Real routine doesn’t work for me, too 🙂 I like to have multiple activities to do throughout the week and even year. That helps to keep one in move 🙂
      Thank you! Hope it will be fine 😀

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