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I started yoga a month ago. What happened?

Yoga. Remember a period when everyone was crazy about this and there were many new types of yoga and it was so hard to find a single woman (at least in cities) who wouldn’t visit yoga classes.

Now there are many new classes trending and although yoga classes are still sold out, you can hear about it from vegans and alternative people usually. At least here in Czechia.

I never thought of yoga as a way of working out. However, I changed my mind during this last month.

As you may know, I had some issue with my neck last summer. And it’s still here, just not that obvious and a bit less bothering. This plus pc working made me think this through. Maybe yoga is not a real wannadie workout but when you are stretching you are strengthtening every inner muscle you can possibly have. And those are the ones holding your spine in place – those are the ones I need to strenghten.

So it started. I found a couple of videos for beginners and tried. My leg muscles are too short. But years of ballet helps with balance. Maybe yoga is a lot about stretching but that’s not all it really is about.

I never believed before. But doing yoga helped me to wind down. After hours at the desk working on stuff this calm and slow movements made a great difference. It made me focus on my body and on the excercise instead of work and stuff that needs to be done.

Also my spine is much happier about itself than few weeks ago. I can handle sitting for long hours every day without cursing life. I’m stressing out a lot less. About anything.

I simply fell in love with yoga. I still do other kinds of excercise, still love sports in any way possible. But yoga helps more my mind during this working proces any adult needs to join than any other way of getting your butt move.

For those curious – I do not know a little about yoga yet. Don’t remember all the names and words in language I never learned. I just love the way it flows. The way it helps my body to get healthier.

So yes, if you are stressed a lot or you feel like your body would use a little help, do it. Go ahead. You’ll see it’s worth a try. I’ll continue doing this and keep you updated!

DSC_6377 kopie

6 thoughts on “I started yoga a month ago. What happened?”

  1. Good for you! My wife has been doing yoga since several years before we met. She’s been in great shape ever since. About a quarter of our Amazon Prime playlist are yoga videos! Hahaha….


    1. Rehabs suck. It is good, bud you wait for too long before starting with it and that is wrong. I couldn’t sleep for over a month because of spine and they told me to wait like another month for a free place for me. Nonsense. Try this, it will help, I promise! 🙂


  2. I started with 5 Tibetans. And I love it. It´s good for relax and it helps me, when I have headache. But in the future I want to try yoga. 🙂



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