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The perfect present for him and for you both – boudoir

Hello loves!

I’m sure we all know this moment when we have no idea what to give to our partners. Whether it’s for Christmas or for his birthday. What more, some of us may want to give him something charming even for a wedding.

I’ve got an idea. Have you heard about boudoir? Truth be told, I’ve seen many “photographers” making “boudoir” photos wich were neither beautiful nor real boudoir photos. But there are couple of us (yes, this is style of photography I specialize on, but don’t take this as an self-advertising, honestly, there is a great chance we live too far away from each other) who keep boudoir as it should be. Shoot in a beautifuly styled bedroom, whether it be a hotel room or a professional studio.

The word boudoir itself means rooms for women – her bedroom, dressing room, bathroom. I guess you know what to imagine if you have ever seen some fancy rooms, even in a castle.

The style itself can be sexy, elegant, romantic, or whatever you feel like. Your photographer should make you feel as comfortable as possible and find this side of you which goes on with the photos. Also every good phodographer should work with a good makeup artist. I personally work with a couple of makeup artists as I work in two cities and not all of them have spare time everytime I plan a photoshoot. All of those makeup artist were chosen carefully to be sure our customers get the best results possible.

And who can get boudoir photos?

Any woman out there! It doesn’t matter how old you are or what do you look like. Of course we keep seeing very slim girls on photos online. But this doesn’t mean those are the only ones who can have photos like this. We photographers publish photos of only thin girls mostly because those are the girls who usually let us publish photos of them. Other, not so model-like women are happy about their photos, nevertheless they don’t want the world see their intimate pictures.

What I love most about this photos is that they are an amazing gift for either your partner and you. He will love to see you confident and sexy and to have a memory of your youth. For you those photos can be the best gift as there are professionals around you and you have a lifetime oportunity to feel like a real model. I chose this field of photography for one single reason – I love watching women gain their confidence.

Here we go, I decided to try it. To show you that it can work. Sure I know posing, but to make it fair the photographs aren’t taken by a professional photographer but by a makeupartist.

DSC_4201 kopie 2
Wondering why is it so important to work with a make-up artist?

DSC_4235 kopieDSC_4284 kopieDSC_4305 kopieDSC_4263 kopie


Blue set: Reserved
Grey set: Reserved (not available anymore)
Cardigan: ReservedΒ (not available anymore)
MUA: Michaela SmrΕΎovΓ‘

No, this is no sponsored post, haha. They just make lingerie I like and that fits me.

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